What is "The United State of Athletes"?

I competed in two Olympics for the United States, numerous World Championships, European races, Pan Am’s and National Championships. That period was one of the most memorable, influential and glorious times of my life. When people ask me which race was my favorite I often surprise them by referring to my final race during my freshman year of college. While it was a long, long time ago I still remember it like yesterday (and so do the other eight guys I raced with!). Athletics is fun for everyone at all levels whether it’s youth, high school, collegiate or the Olympics, because we all strive for one thing to become the best that we can be.

The United State Of Athletes is the pursuit of greatness, the daily grind, the process of becoming...which is the fun part! Sure – winning is great and fun too, but most great athletes, once they have become the best, will almost always refer to the journey of "getting there" as the fun part. It is a state of mind. It means always striving to become better, of continually seeking improvement and growth in ourselves and in our world. For if we are not trying to improve, then we are falling in reverse and that is simply not allowed.

At Boathouse we live in this state of mind. We are always seeking to improve our products and services to athletes of all levels. As we continue down this boundless path with the launch of our new branded line of athletic gear and our Custom 3D online garment builder, we are committed to providing the best athletic apparel in the world. Everything we offer is made here, factory direct, in Philadelphia, PA. I hope you will join us on our continued journey through the “United State Of Athletes”.

BOATHOUSE U.S.A. Crew Grey / Small