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    Men’s Rugby Clothing

    The rugby field can be a rough place, and it’s important to have high-quality apparel that’s designed to handle heated competition. At Boathouse.com, you’ll find men’s rugby clothing that’s constructed to be extra tough and durable. This well-made performance activewear is ideal for everything from practicing in the backyard with friends, to running drills with your teammates, or tackling your opponent during the championship match. If you’re driven to win, you want every little advantage that you can get. Apparel from this collection is made to give you an edge on the field, from the opening minutes to the final whistle.

    Men's Spin Jersey
    Team: $58.00 (x12)
    Men's Full Contact Jersey
    Team: $58.00 (x12)
    Men's Viper Jersey
    Team: $58.00 (x12)
    Men's Advantage Jersey
    Team: $58.00 (x12)
    Men's Astro Short (6" W/ Pockets)
    Team: $44.00 (x12)
    Titan Short, No Pockets
    Team: $31.00 (x12)
    Titan Short with Pockets
    Team: $33.00 (x12)
    Men's Mission Pullover
    Team: $71.00 (x6)
    Men's Victory Jacket
    Team: $78.00 (x6)
    Alliance Pullover
    Team: $55.00 (x6)
    Classic Jacket
    Team: $58.00 (x6)
    Classic XW Jacket
    Team: $67.00 (x6)
    Men's Blast Pant
    Team: $53.00 (x6)
    Men's Colorblock Blast Pant
    Team: $56.00 (x6)
    Men's Blast Pants
    Retail: $86.00
    Men's Compression Short
    Team: $34.00 (x12)
    10 Oz Sweat Pants
    Team: $26.00 (x12)
    Men's Comfort-Dri Tank
    Team: $34.00 (x12)
    Youth Blast Pant
    Team: $43.00 (x6)
    Men's Cloudburst Pant
    Team: $70.00 (x6)
    Men's Cold Weather Training Tights
    Team: $44.00 (x12)
    Youth Classic Jacket
    Team: $55.00 (x6)
    Youth Mission Pullover
    Team: $59.00 (x6)
    Youth Victory Jacket
    Team: $60.00 (x6)
    Men's Equinox Vest
    Team: $72.00 (x6)
    Tundra Jacket
    Team: $83.00 (x6)
    Legacy Parka
    Team: $85.00 (x6)
    Equinox Soft Shell Jacket, Men's
    Team: $92.00 (x6)
    Men's Facet Jacket
    Team: $94.00 (x6)
    Men's Elevate Jacket
    Team: $101.00 (x6)
    Men's Venture Jacket
    From Team: $102.00 (x6)
    Intrepid Training Jacket
    Team: $105.00 (x6)
    Men's True North Helium Waterproof Jacket
    Team: $130.00 (x6)
    GORE-TEX® Waterproof Blitz Jacket
    Team: $192.00 (x6)
    Men's GORE-TEX® Waterproof Facet Jacket
    Team: $204.00 (x6)
    GORE-TEX® Waterproof Precision Jacket
    Team: $204.00 (x6)
    GORE-TEX® Waterproof Field Parka
    Team: $228.00 (x6)

    Our rugby clothes for men are made from breathable, moisture wicking fabric. It prevents overheating by allowing excess body heat to escape. You’ll feel cool and dry, even as you compete under a blazing hot sun. This will help you stay focused and feel energized, even as fatigue begins to set in with your opponent. Lightweight and non-restrictive, this elite athletic wear won’t hold you back while you lunge for your adversary or sprint towards the goal line.

    In this collection at Boathouse.com, you’ll find a number of jerseys, shirts, shorts, and training clothes. Team managers who are looking to upgrade their squad’s uniforms have come to the right place. It’s a breeze to create a customized design centered around your school or club’s colors, logo, and lettering. It takes more than great uniforms to lift the trophy at the end of the season, but looking like champions never hurts.

    Founded by two-time Olympian John Strotbeck, Boathouse.com proudly manufacturers all of our apparel right here in Philadelphia, PA. This means our clothing is extra high-quality, and our turnaround times on all custom orders are unsurpassed in the industry. Place your order today, and you and your team could be enjoying new uniforms within two weeks.