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    Rugby Clothes & Apparel

    Whether you’re looking for practice apparel for those challenging two-a-days, or attractive uniforms for the upcoming season, you’ll find rugby clothing from Boathouse.com is up to the task. Fully customizable, it’s a breeze to create a look that features your school’s colors and logo. From jerseys and shorts that are sleek, slim-fitting and tailored for the modern athlete, to track jackets and warm-up pants to keep your players comfortable while they wait to get into the action, this collection of rugby apparel includes everything you need to have your team looking like champions.

    $58.00 (x12)
    $58.00 (x12)
    $58.00 (x12)
    $58.00 (x12)
    $58.00 (x12)
    $58.00 (x12)
    $44.00 (x12)
    $40.00 (x12)
    $31.00 (x12)
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    $34.00 (x12)
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    $34.00 (x12)
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    $47.00 (x12)
    $228.00 (x6)
    $67.00 (x6)
    $58.00 (x6)
    $105.00 (x6)
    $101.00 (x6)

    Looks are important, but performance is key. Rugby clothes from this line are manufactured right here in Philadelphia, PA. They’re crafted to be highly durable, whether you’re wrestling for the ball in a scrum, being dragged down by an opposing player, or lunging for the goal-line. Made from premium fabric, tops and bottoms in this selection are breathable and designed to wick moisture away from your skin. This will help stop overheating and keep you feeling dry and energized, even as the game drifts into overtime under a hot sun. Shorts and jerseys feature a non-restrictive fit, and won’t hamper your motion as you boot the ball downfield or sprint down the sideline.

    Your team works hard on the track, in the weight room and on the practice field. As team manager, it’s your job to make sure they have the right rugby wear for game day. Founded by two-time Olympic athlete John Strotbeck, Boathouse.com is committed to providing your squad with unparalleled quality, attractive design, and the perfect fit. Shop this superb collection and reach your potential on the field. When the game is on the line, have the confidence that you’re competing in the best apparel on the market.