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    Rugby Jerseys & Uniforms

    Dominate your opponents on the field this season in premium rugby uniforms from Boathouse.com. Rugby is a unique sport that requires speed, agility, strength and solid teamwork if you want to be victorious on game day. Of course, it helps to compete in the best rugby kits on the market. In this collection, you’ll find a range of styles that are popular with high school, NCAA® and professional players. A dashing new look might be just what you need to motivate your players to give it their all on the field.

    Men's Spin Jersey
    Team $58.00 (x12)
    Women's Spin Jersey
    Team $58.00 (x12)
    Men's Full Contact Jersey
    Team $58.00 (x12)
    Women's Full Contact Jersey
    Team $58.00 (x12)
    Men's Viper Jersey
    Team $58.00 (x12)
    Men's Advantage Jersey
    Team $58.00 (x12)
    Women's Astro Short
    Team $40.00 (x12)
    Titan Short, No Pockets
    Team $31.00 (x12)
    Titan Short with Pockets
    Team $33.00 (x12)
    Men's Compression Short
    Team $34.00 (x12)
    Comfort-Dri Performance Tee
    Team $28.00 (x12)
    Men's Comfort-Dri Tank
    Team $34.00 (x12)
    Team Sports Bra
    Team $38.00 (x12)

    Rugby team jerseys from this line are high-performance activewear that is designed with the needs of the modern athlete in mind. Made from the latest fabrics, these jerseys are lightweight and breathable, while remaining incredibly durable. They’ll allow excess body heat to escape, and help prevent overheating, even while your team competes under a blazing hot sun. Moisture wicking fabric transports sweat away from your player’s skin, which keeps them feeling fresh, dry, and focused. Rugby teamwear is available in designs for both men and women, and tailored for a non-restrictive fit that won’t hold your players back as they lunge for the goal line or fight in a scrum.

    If you’re a team manager looking for new uniforms for your club, you’ve come to the right place. All rugby team uniforms in this collection are fully customizable. You’ll have no problem creating a design that displays your team’s colors and logo. Boathouse.com manufactures all of our apparel right here in Philadelphia, and offers super-fast shipping on all custom orders. John Strotbeck, winner of two Olympic medals, started Boathouse.com to give all athletes the chance to take advantage of elite activewear, whether they are beginners or all-star pros. Place your order now, and your team could be enjoying new uniforms in as little as two weeks.