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    UPDATE 8/28/20

    A small study from Duke University prompted fears that neck gaiters were not effective at blocking the spread of aerosol particles. Within just 1 week, Boathouse updated its gaiter design to address these findings by adding a second layer of protection. #ChallengeAccepted

    UPDATE 7/23/20

    In today’s update, Founder/CEO John Strotbeck talks about our new American-made Neck Gaiters and our latest innovation to help keep you safe during the pandemic, the TouchGuard.

    Update 6/26/20

    We've been at it for 90 days, folks! Shipping 30,000 gowns per week and kicking out custom masks daily. Founder and CEO John Strotbeck shows you how...

    Boathouse featured on Contagion LIVE

    6/3/20: Grant Gallagher from Contagion LIVE speaks with Boathouse CEO and Founder John Strotbeck on the how and why the outerwear company pivoted to PPE production at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    UPDATE 5/15/20

    If 80% of Americans wore masks, COVID-19 infections would plummet new study finds. To read the full article click the link in photo.

    UPDATE 5/11/20

    Boathouse employees are back to work in our Philadelphia factory making PPE, gowns, and now custom cloth masks for consumers, businesses and schools. PLUS some thoughts from Founder/CEO John Strotbeck on why it's more important than ever to keep pushing through the COVID crisis!

    UPDATE 4/29/20

    Our isolation gown project is underway and has helped bring many of our employees back to work! Founder and CEO John Strotbeck shows you the folks making it all happen. PLUS some words for athletes whose seasons were cut short.

    Boathouse on PHL17's "Rising Heroes" Segment

    4/20/20: We're humbled to have been featured on PHL 17’s “Rising Heroes” news segment which highlights local businesses joining in the fight against COVID-19. LINK IN PHOTO.

    Boathouse Featured in Philly Metro

    4/20/20: Molly Given from Philly Metro talks with Founder/CEO John Strotbeck about Boathouse's vital fight against COVID-19. LINK IN PHOTO.

    Boathouse Featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer

    4/20/20: Mike Jensen from the Philadelphia Inquirer gets candid with Boathouse Founder and CEO, John Strotbeck, about Boathouse's new business fighting COVID-19.

    UPDATE 4/16/20

    John Strotbeck walks us through Boathouse's newest PPE projects such as isolation gowns, surgical masks and even branded custom cloth masks for every Philadelphian's favorite place for coffee and hoagies – Wawa!

    Boathouse Featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal

    4/12/20: Boathouse is featured in Philadelphia Business Journal. Read the article about how we've pivoted our Philly factory to produce the much needed PPE for medical personnel. LINK IN PHOTO.

    UPDATE 4/10/20

    We’ve got some exciting things happening at our Philadelphia plant right now! We are now producing medical masks, fabric masks, and even surgical gowns. Founder and CEO John Strotbeck shows you how.

    UPDATE 4/1/20

    We're happy to report that we are back to work in our Philadelphia manufacturing facility making masks and will deliver the first cases to local hospitals today!

    UPDATE 3/31/20

    Founder and CEO John Strotbeck shows how Boathouse is making the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to protect front line Doctors, Nurses, patients and first responders, as well as get our employees back to work safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have identified a unique supply of PPE materials sitting in hospitals. We have designed masks for surgical use that were approved by CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). We received our first lot of these materials from CHOP today at 1:00 PM. We now have an order from CHOP for 31,000 masks. We start making these tomorrow!

    UPDATE 3/28/20

    Boathouse is taking steps to convert our workplace from an athletic apparel to PPE medical supplies. This will solve a number of problems including providing essential medical personnel lifesaving protective supplies, getting our employees back to work, and allowing our business to continue until this pandemic is over. Most importantly, it’s the right thing to do! We believe we are days away from a solution that may provide some immediate healthcare value and speaking with multiple contacts about how we can help them.