The Top 5 Reasons Boathouse Unis And Trou Are So Unique

Since 1976, Boathouse has become synonymous with quality rowing unis, trou and outerwear proudly handcrafted in the home of the first ever regatta in 1835, Philadelphia, USA. Named after Philadelphia’s iconic Boathouse Row and founded by Olympic Rower John Strotbeck, it’s obvious that Boathouse is passionate about Rowing and our customers are passionate about us because we’ve been providing the best American-Made Rowing Unis, Trou and Outerwear on the market today since 1976.

With so many imitators saturating the rowing market, here are the top 5 reasons that Boathouse unis and trou are the best our customers will ever own:

Top 5 Reasons Boathouse Unis and Trou are so unique - 5

5) You Just Can’t Beat Our New Durastretch Fabric

You’re probably asking yourself right now “what the heck is Durastretch?” Durastretch is breathable, comfortable, moisture wicking and lightweight fabric that has 4-way stretch that MOVES with your body while sustaining its quality. It’s resilient and easy to care for. Basically, you can’t beat this fabric – it’s amazing. Bonus: Although it feels extremely lightweight due to the way it’s knit, it is still heavier than other unis on the market today. This fabric was made to support your body to perform at its peak. Last but not least, we love that Durastretch Fabric is American-made from American-made yarn. #merica

Top 5 Reasons Boathouse Unis and Trou are so unique - 4

4) We Care About Your Butt

Rowers Butts love our unis. Our trou is lined in the back with a light, breathable knit because no one likes a sweaty butt. To make things even better for your backside, we’ve removed the rear seam so you don’t chafe when spending hours in the boat or on the erg.



3) Designed With Your “Thunder Thighs" In Mind

Our uni’s and trou are designed with elastic threads and flat seams to avoid seam popping and to keep your uni looking and performing great–no matter how often you’re flexin' on ‘em. We understand how strong you are, thread popping is an issue, we gotcha. These flat, elastic seams also help negate chafe and add additional comfort (who wants seams that protrude? Save the sticking out for your thighs)


2) Everything is Made Under One Roof in Philadephia, USA

All Boathouse unis (and all products in general) are made in-house, under one roof, by our quality team of hardworking, passionate Philadelphians (Learn more about some of our employees -- Tony and Wilfredo aka "Big Willie" )




1) You Can Design Your Own (Who Else Lets You Do That?!)

Only Boathouse allows you to design your own uni and save, share, purchase or reorder with ease using our latest innovation – Locker Room. You choose the style, colors and fabric, upload your art, purchase your creation right on our site then let us do the rest. All custom orders ship factory-direct from Philadelphia to you in 4 weeks. Want allover print on your custom uni? No Problem! Boathouse has passion for sublimation (digital printing) which allows us to expand our custom ability to allow unlimited design and color. It's a great process used to create the vibrant, full-color, all-over prints that have become synonymous with Boathouse unis. 

So there you have it – The Top 5 reasons our unis and trou are the best our customers will ever own. Did we miss anything? Do you own a Boathouse uni and want to add something? Comment below and let us know what you think.


Top 5 Reasons Boathouse Unis and Trou are so unique