Make The Boathouse Switch


We’ve listened to rowers and we understand it can be a hassle to get the right rowing gear you need, when you need it. Which is why we’re challenging you to #MaketheBoathouseSwitch and experience the speedy turnaround time, stellar customer service and top-notch product that you may not even know you’re missing. Here are 8 reasons why you should make the Boathouse switch today:

8) Our unis and trou won’t bunch up like lumpy old diapers.

You retired your JNCO’s and DiscMan a long time ago yet you’re still wearing your polypropylene unis and trou? WHY for goodness sake? Step into more contemporary, 21st century performance fabric like our Durastretch fabric – it's breathable, comfortable, moisture-wicking, lightweight and it doesn’t bunch up like a lumpy old diaper. Did we mention it also includes 4-way-stretch that MOVES with your body while sustaining its quality? It’s resilient and easy to care for. We didn’t need scientists or a Space Force to develop this tech either…Nope…we developed it with good ‘ol American ingenuity. So choose Boathouse unis and trou, made of cutting edge Durastretch fabric, or hang on to your old polystyrene unis and wear them while you enjoy a Friday night of binge-watching your cherished VHS cassette tape collection.


7) Our unis and trou are 100% flat seam. The others are not.

Our unis and trou are made from great performance fabrics blended with lots of spandex for stretch and recovery (4-way-stretch). Since unis and trou (rowing shorts to you newbies) are compression gear all seams must be flat seam. Ours are 100% flat seam. The others are not! Why is that? Flat seam, done right like ours include elastic threads…it’s more expensive to produce but worth every penny. Flat seam is also more durable and keeps your uni or trou (and your bum) looking and performing matter how often you’re flexin' on ‘it. We understand how strong you are, but comfort is still critical, we gotcha covered.

These flat, elastic seams also help negate chafe and add additional comfort – who wants seams that protrude? Save the sticking out for your thighs. OK some of you lunkheads claim it doesn't matter ‘cause you pull so hard you can’t feel anything. Tell that to your mate who won’t rub your butt anymore! Too many berries!


6) When rowing is already a sport of pain, why make it worse with blisters on your butt (unless that’s your thing, of course…)

Rowers Butts love our unis! Our trou and unis are double seated (two layers of fabric) with a light, breathable knit because no one likes a sweaty butt. To make things even better for your backside, we’ve eliminated the rear seams. Why? So you don’t chafe when spending hours in the boat or the erg. So stop being a pain in your own $!@# and make the switch to boathouse unis. Your butt will thank you. Unless you like pain and discomfort, you masochist…



5) We ship when we say we're gonna ship.

Are you sick of being told you can’t have your custom rowing gear when you need it? Tired of the overpromising and underdelivering? We got you covered! Everything from design to production to shipping is all done under on roof in our Philadelphia factory – which means we have full control over everything we do and say. NOTHING IS OUTSOURCED so you know your custom rowing gear will ship when we say it will ship, factory direct from Philadelphia, USA 



4) Our customer service is second to none.

With a 96% Approval rating how could we NOT treat our customer service team to a happy hour at Frankford Hall. These guys and gals work their butt off to ensure that our customers have the friendliest, most knowledgeable customer service reps at their disposal. But they don’t plan to stop at 96% because if they hit 97% we said we’d give them the corporate credit card for the night.

And our Sales team lives, rows and works in your area. Well most of them do. Our sales team are fulltime members (employees) of the Boathouse team and their job is to get you what you want when you want it. Hey – they can solve problems and do favors too.  But if you want to work with a company that’s thousands of miles away and makes excuses and whines all the time… have at it.

3) Hassle-free reorders and online customization.

Boathouse heard your requests and built an online 3D customizer where you can design and buy your team’s custom unis, trou, jackets and more in minutes. OH – and you can easily reorder past orders using Locker Room and Share, any time, day or night.

Choose you style, fabrics, colors, accents, logos and build till you can’t build no more. And know that the minimum is a big ol' ONE. You will pay more for one custom garment but that’s your choice. Great prices start at six. All custom orders ship fast, factory-direct from Philadelphia to you in 4-5 weeks.

2) You work hard for your money, which is why we want you to save as much of it as possible.

Boathouse unis are competitively priced in order to break records – not budgets. Our unis cost between $49–$79. Our trou costs $25–$35. Who would pay $85 for a poorly made uni from another country? Save your money and buy your team a case of beer (if they’re over 21 of course).

1) Boathouse is proudly made in the USA 

Boathouse manufactures all of our Elite Performance Outerwear and Rowing Apparel right here in the USA. Yes — that’s right…apparel that is handcrafted, stitch by stitch in the USA and employs our friends, families and neighbors. Located in Philadelphia, PA and only ten minutes from Philadelphia’s iconic Boathouse Row, Boathouse designs, produces and ships your custom team order factory direct from under one roof.

Boathouse is committed to American manufacturing, and will continue to produce our quality gear at home, right here in the USA. We bet your current provider can't say that.


BOATHOUSE U.S.A. Crew Grey / Small