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Ordering - How To Complete My Order from a SHARE Link (and how to save my designs for future orders)

OK... I just received a SHARE link from a Boathouse Sales or Customer Service Representative. Now what?

Once you receive a link to your Order Information from a Boathouse Sales or Customer Service Representative, please complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have a Boathouse MVP Account to save designs to your Locker Room (sign up)

  2. Click on the Link provided by the Boathouse Rep to view the design. Give it a quick visual inspection to make sure this is the correct design.

  3. Go through each step of the design to make sure that the colors, options, names and numbers are all correct.

  4. Once you are sure the order information is correct, SAVE the Custom Order Information to your Locker Room for future Re-Orders.

  5. Go to the ORDER Tab to make sure the quantities and any corresponding names and/or numbers are correct (see screenshot below). If you are not getting names or numbers, use the "Enter Quantities" section. If you ARE getting names and/or numbers, use the NAMES & NUMBERS Section as shown in the screenshot below.

  6. To place the order, scroll to the bottom of the ORDER Tab and click the ADD TO CART button. This will put the design in your Shopping Cart, ready for checkout.

  7. Click CHECK OUT to complete your order.

Fabric - Supplex vs. Pro-Tech

FAQ: What is the difference between the Supplex and Pro-Tech fabric? Is there a price difference?

Supplex and Pro-Tech are both windbreaker material and cost the same price.

Supplex is a lightweight, flexible fabric great for fair weather training, being moderately water resistance and highly breathability. Supplex is our most popular fabric for team jackets and warm-ups.

Pro-Tech is is a bit heavier material, less breathable but highly water resistant. We recommend Pro-Tech for training in colder, wetter climates. Pro-Tech is a durable 200 denier nylon with a rugged urethane coating.

Custom Designs - How To Do Name & Numbers Placements

When creating a Name or Number placement for for your Team Jacket or Uniform, select the placement area and type from the list of Name and Number placements offered.

  • For names, leave "Name" as the default placement.
  • For Numbers, leave "68" as the default placement.
  • Select the font type and color from the options provided. This style will apply to each name/number placement.

Once your design is complete, the actual names and numbers for the jackets or uniforms are entered in the "NAMES & NUMBERS" section of the ORDER Tab. See the image below for an example.

  • If you want names on some, but not all of the jackets, please do a Name Placement as indicated above and leave the ones that you do not want names on blank. The system will charge for placements on all of the jackets, but our Customer Care team can easily refund you the amount for the placements you will not receive. This policy applies to names and numbers only, not logos.

  • The text will shrink a bit after 13 characters. It is recommended to not go over 16 characters per line.

  • If you would like to do a 2 Line Placement, you can do so by putting a percentage sign between the first line and the second line. Example: John Smith%Shortstop


Locker Room - How To Save & Share Designs

FAQ: How do I save and share my custom designs?

How to SAVE your designs:

  1. Sign up for a BOATHOUSE MVP account [view more info about MVP Accounts]

  2. Make sure you are logged into your account. You can visit Your Locker Room clicking the link in the global Utility Navigation at the top of the page or from the link in My Account.

  3. While you are designing an item in the product customizer, you can save it to your Locker Room at any time by clicking the "SAVE" button underneath the image of the garment you are designing.

How to SHARE your designs:

  1. Go to Your Locker Room

  2. Find the SAVED item in your Locker Room that you want to SHARE. Click "Menu" above the design you want to share.

  3. Click "SHARE". It will bring up a dialog box with a share URL (link). Click the "COPY AND CLOSE" button. The SHARE URL is now on your clipboard.

  4. Paste the SHARE URL wherever you would like to link to your product design (in email, on social media, in a blog post, etc)

Promotion Dates and Price Adjustment Requests

We here at Boathouse Sports love a great deal! Who doesn't? We love to offer great deals to our customers.

When we offer a promotional discount on our great gear, it is company policy that the deal is only available during the dates designated in the promotion. We do not give these discounts on any orders placed before the start of the promotion, and we will not apply any discounts after the end date of the promotion.

We hope you understand. Thank you for your continued support as a Boathouse Sports customer!