Boathouse Knowledgebase (Help, FAQ, How To)

Re-Order Artwork

FAQ: I have placed a custom order with BOATHOUSE in the past and paid the Art Processing Fee. Do I have to pay for this fee again? How do I remove the fee from my online custom configuration?

If you are using the SAME artwork as a previous order, we will waive the Art Processing Fee.

Unfortunately there is no way to remove the Art Processing Fee while you are designing in our product customizer, but we can refund the money to you. To ensure we refund your money, please put in the order notes that this is Re-Order Art and that you would like us to refund you for that amount.

Quantity Discount - Mix Styles?

FAQ: Can I mix men's and women's styles to get a quantity discount? How about Adult Sizes and Youth Sizes?

BOATHOUSE offers quantity discounting on our Custom Products. If there are 2 different styles of a product, one for men and one for women, or adult vs. youth sizing, then the established styles are completely different cuts and therefore completely different products; these styles cannot be combined together to get quantity discounting.

Pricing Structure for Custom Products

Every Custom Product Detail tab lists the Base Pricing table in the bottom right hand corner.

Every product has a Team Price when the minimum quantities have been met for a product (minimums are 6 units for Outerwear and Rowing Unisuits, 12 units for everything else). If the order does not qualify for Team Pricing, then Custom Retail Pricing will apply (which is generally double the Team Price). 24-47 unit orders will receive 5% off the Team Price, 48-95 unit orders will receive 10% off the Team Price, 96-143 Unit orders receive 12% off the Team Price, 144-299 unit orders will receive 14% off the Team Price, and orders of 300+ units will receive 15% off the Team Price.

Once you have designed your custom garment, you can get pricing on the ORDER Tab. Enter the number of units that you want to order, and the website will calculate the total based on the quantity price breaks and embellishments selected during the design process. 


FAQ: What is "piping"?

Piping is a type of trim or embellishment consisting of a strip of folded fabric so as to form a "pipe" inserted into a seam to define the edges or style lines of a garment or other textile object.

Orbital Shoulder Gusset for Unrestricted Mobility

FAQ: What is a gusset?

Our trademark proprietary Orbital Shoulder Gusset™ allows for total upper body mobility without restriction. Mesh panels sewn directly into the shoulders adapt to even the longest reach. The mesh gussets, along with the back cape, act like an accordion to stretch and ventilate with your every movement.

Originally designed for training on icy February waters of the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, the gussets are what Boathouse Sports is all about—athletes making products to help other athletes.

My Team's Gear

FAQ: My Team has ordered from you in the past. I would like to order 1 of the jackets (uniforms, warmups, etc) for myself. Do you have them there?

A: We do not stock any Team Gear in our warehouse. All of our Team Gear is custom made to order. We do not make extras and we do not hold inventory. Any product we have in inventory is on our website. If you would like to order one, please talk to your coach about when the next Team Order will be placed.

Additionally, you are welcome to use our online product customizer to build the same garment that your team has. Just remember that 1 unit will be at our Custom Retail price, which is around double the Team Price (6 units or more for outerwear, 12 units or more for Uniforms). 

If you need help designing online, let us know!

Lead Time for Custom Orders

FAQ: How long does it take for my Custom Order to ship?

All of our custom products are hand made to order from raw materials here at our factory in Philadelphia. Our standard lead time from order placement to shipment is 4 weeks.

*Due to our peak season, orders may take up to 8 weeks of production time.

Please reach out to Customer Service with any issues or concerns.


The Art Approval Proccess

FAQ: I created a design in the product customizer. Is this exactly how the garment will look when it is made?

Our product customizer is specifically for mocking up a design online, giving you an idea of what the finished garment will look like. However, this is not the final production artwork.

When an order is submitted, it will go through a formal Art Approval Process. At this time the BOATHOUSE Creative Team will generate the full size mockup with the layouts, fonts, colors and dimensions listed. This email will go for your approval before the items go into production.

If you are using Re-Order artwork, the designs will be made to the previous specs and an art approval phase is not necessary. Please write in the Order Notes that this is Re-Order Art. We will refund you the art fees that the product customizer adds to the order information.

Tax Exempt Information

FAQ: My organization is Tax Exempt. How do I check out on your website without being charged for Tax?

In order to be marked as Tax Exempt, you must follow these steps:

  1. Create a BOATHOUSE Account
  2. Send a scanned copy of your State Tax Exemption form to our Customer Service Team and tell them the email address you used to create your BOATHOUSE Account in Step 1.
  3. Our Customer Service Team will contact you letting you know that your account has been marked for tax exemption. You can then proceed through checkout without being charged any State Tax.